What is an Analog Weighing Scale? How does it Work?

What is an Analog Weighing Scale? How does it Work?
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Analog Weighing Scale is the regular bathroom weighing scale that you find at home. They are a very old piece of technology but they are still being used. As of now, Analog Weighing Scales have been replaced with the digital ones but until a few years, these scales were used to weight the person and they were present at almost every house. Have you ever wondered that how does this Analog weighing scale works?

Analog Weighing Scale

Well, here is how it works

-} The weighing scale consists of a small spring assembly which can be adjusted to 0 with help of a small know. This helps in actuating the scale to the real value.

-} Along with the small spring, there is another spring which basically actuates the weight. This is done with help of a mechanical assembly.

-} When you stand on the weighing scale, you basically exert a force on the bars present in the weighing scale. These bars are running in the cross-section of the weighing scale and when you stand on the weighing scale, you are actually exerting the force on these bars

-} These bars are connected to a spring which is then connected to a dial which is basically connected to a dial which has the marking for the weight. The spring moves the dial and this movement is proportional to the weight of the person or the force that is exerted on the scale.

This was the basic working of an Analog weighing machine and they are still very popular because of the low cost and the reliability they offer to the user. You can find such scales in many households and hospitals.The only thing that you must take care of is that you must set the spring to 0 before the use.