Best Gym Weight Plates in India

Are you a fitness freak? Or, are you looking forward to starting your workout routine soon enough? When you wish to start over with your fitness regimen, having the right gym weights is of utmost importance. Whether you have a home-based gym or you love working out on your own, bringing home the best gym weight plates can help you in achieving the respective workout goals.

Your home can be a sanctuary. Therefore, you can consider creating a space for your personal fitness and health within the home space that can serve as a vital step towards uplifting the overall quality of your life. Moreover, when you design a dedicated fitness space in your home, it serves to be long-term investment at the same time.

Whether you have a full range of the in-house fitness paradise with the state-of-the-art equipment, or merely a yoga mat in your small apartment, keeping & maintaining the right exercise gear or equipment at your home can help you in being consistent with the ongoing exercise routine. The home-based gym weight plates or gear can help you in transforming the boring at-home exercise circuit into a full-fledged strength & fitness plan –depending on the given setup. As such, you can look forward to canceling your gym membership and creating a fitness haven at your home with the right gym weight plates available out there.

How to Choose the Right Gym Weight Plates for Your Home?

While searching for the right gym weight plates for your exercise routine, it is recommended not to get confused by the myriad of options available out there. A good set of gym weights is the core of any muscle-building, sweat-inducing, and fat-shredding workout. Moreover, you can make use of the gym weight plates for carrying out a wide range of exercises as well for achieving your personalized fitness goals.

If you are looking forward to giving away with your gym membership, and bringing home the right gym equipment, we aim at presenting the best range of the gym weight plates for your fitness goals.

The Best Gym Weight Plates in India

If you are a fitness enthusiast, and looking forward to buying a new set of home-based gym weight plates for yourself, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Kore K-PVC Home Gym & Fitness Kit:

Featuring the best-in-class gym weights and plates out there, the innovative range of the home-based gum & fitness kit by Kore K-PVC is a must-have. Consisting of the complete set of all your gym requirements, Kore K-PVC presents a lucrative range of PVC weights –the entire kit weighing around 20 kg. Additionally, the kit also features a curl rod along with two dumbbell rods. The Kore K-PVC gym equipment features the gym equipment set for your perfect workout. You can look forward to making the most of your home-based workout regimen like a pro.

Kore K-PVC 20kg Combo 3 Leather Home Gym and Fitness Kit
  • 20 kg of PVC weight (2 kg x 4 = 8kg + 3 kg x 4 = 12 kg)
  • 1 x 3 feet curl rod + 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods
  • 100 percent pure leather gym gloves + 1 gym backpack + 1 skipping rope + 1 hand gripper + 2locks and clippers comes with the rods
  • A combination of all gym equipment for the perfect workout
  • It is highly durable and long lasting

Notable Features:

  • A Complete Pack: The entire package by Kore K-PVC consists of all that you would need for your workout session. Right from the gym weight plates to dumbbells, gym gloves, a backpack, and a skipping rod, you can get it all in the pack content.
  • Highly Durable: The gym set that comes along with the pack is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Perfect for Muscle Building: The gym set is considered perfect for muscle building as it contains all the necessary tools required for the all-round body building activities.


If you are looking forward to designing your own gym space at your home, you can bring home this comprehensive set of the best gym weight plates.


  • Easy to set up
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Perfect for a complete workout session


  • Bag quality can be made better
  • Dumbbells are made of heavy-weight plastics

  1. AURION Spare Vinyl Weight Plates:

If you are searching for the best-ever heavyweight plates for your home-based fitness routine, you can consider bringing home the revolutionary set of gym weight plates by AURION. Set up your own cardio training and a gym fitness routine by bringing this full body training weight kit that helps you work out like a pro. For helping you achieve the desired fitness goals, you can bring home the innovative range of high-grade weight plates by AURION. Right from exercise balls to dumbbells, gym weight plates, and so more –the products are made out of the highest grade of materials to ensure that you remain in great shape as long as you want it.

Aurion 20 Kg Vinyl Plates For Home Gym
  • Solid Pvc Plates
  • Perfect For Dumbbels And Chest Press
  • Biceps

Notable Features:

  • A Multitude of Accessories: In addition to the high-quality weight plates, the AURION set also features the sturdy gym equipment accessories for a full-filling workout session. You can get access to high-quality chrome-plated rods along with dumbbell rods with improved grips.
  • High-Quality Assurance: With this kit, you receive high-quality PVC weight plates that are highly durable and meant to last for longer.
  • Perfect for Multiple Exercises: If you are looking forward to following an intense workout routine, it is a perfect gym weight set that allows you to carry out a myriad of specialized workout sessions.


The new series of gym weight plate set by AURION is perfect for those who aim at doing chest presses and weight-based exercises on a day-to-day basis.


  • Made of high-quality PVC material
  • Highly durable to last for longer
  • Perfect for weight-based exercises


  • Cannot be considered a complete workout set
  • Weight plates appear too thick

  1. Protoner 30kg PVC Weight Lifting Package:

Protoner presents to you a comprehensive range of the right gym equipment and weight set that allows you to follow your workout routine like a dream. If you wish to achieve the dream biceps or triceps, you can bring home the latest range of high-quality weight lifting package by Protoner. The 20kg weight lifting package consists of the right gym-based weight plates as well as other accessories that are perfect for your intense gym session.

Protoner 30 Kg PVC Weight Lifting Package with Rods
  • 30 kg of PVC weight (2. 5 kg x 4 = 10 kg + 5 kg x 4 = 20kg )
  • 1 x 5 feet plain rod + 1 x 3 feet curl rod + 2 x 14-inch dumbbell rods
  • Leather gym gloves + 1 gym backpack + 1 skipping rope + 1 hand gripper + 4 locks and clippers comes with the rods
  • A combination of all gym equipments for the perfect workout
  • It is highly durable and long lasting


When you are looking for high-quality gym weight plates for your workout training, you can consider buying the Proton weightlifting package containing all you would require on a daily basis.

Notable Features:

  • Heavyweight Plates: With the latest range of Protoner PVC weight lifting package at your home, there is no more the need to head to the gym for achieving your dream body. The weightlifting package contains high-grade weight plates –ranging from 8kg to 12kg to help you revamp the fitness regimen.
  • All Fitness Essentials in a Pack: With the high-quality Protoner weightlift package, you can get all your fitness essentials easily –in a single pack. Right from the gym gloves pair to a skipping rope, a gym backpack, and clippers, you can have the perfect training exercise.
  • High-quality Weight Plates: With the Protoner weightlift package, you receive the high-quality gym weight plates made out of the high-grade PVC material.


  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • A complete package for all your workout requirements
  • Perfect for weight training exercises
  • High-quality heavyweight gym weight plates


  • The quality of weights can be enhanced by including metal
  • Dumbbells rods are only metal from the outside

  1. Cockatoo Quad Rubber & Integrated Metal Grip Weight Plates:

While you might have come across a myriad of PVC-based gym weight plates for your home, Cockatoo presents you a range of high-grade rubber & integrated metal grip gym weight plates for enhanced results. Perfect for both the beginners as well as the seasoned weightlifters, the high-grade metal-based weight plates by Cockatoo is perfect for your home-based gym. The weight plates are made out of the durable materials that you can make use of for longer periods. Moreover, the weight plates also fit a wide range of barbells that can be used for customizing your workout regime.

Cockatoo Quad Rubber & Integrated Metal Grip Olympic Weight Plates; Rubber Weight; Rubber Plates;...
  • Pack Of Two Plates
  • Impact Resistant
  • Will Not Split, Crack Or Peel
  • Integrated Metal Sleeve
  • Sold Individually

Notable Features:

  • Durable Construction: The weight training plates by Cockatoo are made out of high-grade rubber and integrated metal parts for prolonged usage.
  • Balanced Weights: The reliability & balance offered by the exercise weights are of optimal importance. The Cockatoo weight plates have got you covered in the given aspect.
  • Unique Design: In addition to the metal-based groove in the middle of the plates, the Cockatoo weight plates come with the specialized 7-hole structure for enhanced utilization.


For those who wish to rely more on the metal-based weight plates, the innovative range of rubber & integrated metal plates by Cockatoo is your ideal choice.


  • Highly durable construction
  • Made out of high-quality rubber & integrated metal construction
  • Ideal for both the beginners as well as professionals
  • Available in multiple weigh options.


  • The rubber portion of the plates might wrap up sometimes.
  • The metal-based portion of the plates might leave stains on the ground.


Whether you are starting out or are a pro at gym-based exercises, you can now follow the workout regimen in the comfort of your home by buying the innovative range of the best gym weight plates. Make the best choice and achieve your fitness goals now!

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