Digital Weighing Scale Vs Analog Weighing Scale: Pros & Cons

Digital Weighing Scale Vs Analog Weighing Scale: Pros & Cons
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There had been a never-ending debate about the differences between the digital weighing scale and the Analog weighing scale. To end this debate, we have listed the pros and the cons of digital weighing scale as well as the Analog Weighing Scale.

Pros of Digital Weighing Scale

Reliable–Digital Weighing Scales are highly reliable and do not have to worry about getting the inaccurate reading. They are calibrated automatically after every time you turn them on.

Easy to Use– It is very easy to use Digital Weighing Scale and they can turn on by themselves and the weighing scale is automatically turned off after the use.

Accurate and Durable– Another best part about the Digital Weighing Scale is that they are highly accurate and they also have a good durability. Failure of the digital weighing scale is not common and it is often accompanied by a warranty from the company.

Additional Features– Some of the scales can even give you a body composition analysis along with the BMR, Fat% and much other reading. This is one of the greatest advantages of a digital scale. These scales can automatically sync up the data on your mobile phone.

Light Weight– The digital weighing scales are easy to carry as they are small and lightweight. They are also easy to store at the home and these scales come with an attractive design.

Digital Weighing Scale

Cons of Digital Weighing Scale

Batter required– The only problem with the digital scale is that they require a battery to run. There are times when you might run out of batter and sometimes, you do not have a spare battery at home. This could be a problem when you urgently need to check your weight.

Price– The price of the digital weighing scale is usually little higher than the Analog weighing scale and this also differs largely with the features you are opting for.

Calibration – Calibrating the weighing scale can be a little problematic in case of some of the digital weighing scales as it is not easy to calibrate the weighing scale manually.

Pros of Analog Weighing Scale

No Batter Required– The best part about the Analog Weighing Scale is that you do not need a battery to check your weight. You can go and stand on the weighing scale at any point in time and you will get to know your weight.

Easy Function– Analog Weighing Scale can give you an easy reading and you do not have to alter any settings or you do not have to switch on the machine before checking the weight. These scales are also easy to calibrate.

Simple Display– The display of the Analog weighing scale is quite simple and it displays the number with help of a big pointer. This makes it easy to check the reading.

Analog Weighing Scale

Cons of Analog Weighing Scale

Less Accurate– The Analog weighing scales are a little less accurate than the digital weighing scales. The digital weighing scales can display your weight upto a decimal place but this is not possible with Analog Weighing Scale

Durability can be an Issue– With time, the spring becomes loose and hence the degree of error can be higher as the day passes. This is certainly one of the worst parts about owning an Analog scale

Heavy– Lastly, Analog Scales are heavier and they are also quite bulkier when compared with the digital scales. Storage can be an issue if you are already running out of the space.

These were all the pros and cons of digital weighing scale and the Analog weighing scale. Now it is upto you to decide which is the better one.