Mi Body Composition Scale in India Review & Price 2020

People are health conscious and like to keep a track on their weight. Well, buying the best body composition scale India would help you measure your weight regularly. But by only monitoring your weight, you cannot know much about health status and would not be able to track your progress. Smart scales are available in the market which would help you monitor various characteristics of your body.

Mi Body Composition Scale

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Xiaomi is not only emerging as a fast-growing brand in the mobile industry but has set its foot in the weighing scale industry.

Go for MI weighing scale, which has all the latest features and provides a detailed report on your body. Here is the MI weighing scale review which will help you opt for this product.  


The MI weighing scale is one of the best weighing scales that are available in the market. It provides a precise measurement of your weight. Apart from that, the scale also provides other details regarding your body like body fat, bone mass, visceral fat, fluid percentage, BMI, muscle mass, etc.

EMI, cashback offers, and guarantee are available for this product. The sleek design and stylish design are add-ons to the advanced features and accuracy. The safety of the device is also ensured with an anti-slip finish.

Buy this product as it has all the latest features, and is available on a discount of 33% on Amazon. It will help you accomplish your goals in achieving your physique and will also give a glimpse of your present health condition.

At the cost of 1999 rupees, you and your whole family can benefit and track weight and health status.

This product is definitely worth your money. Go for this product and you would not regret the decision.

How to use MI weighing scale

The batteries are not provided along with the MI composition scale. Buy batteries and insert them into the slot provided.

Step on the tempered glass and wait for three seconds. The LED display will showcase your weight.

To monitor other advanced features like body mass, bone mass, fluid amount, body and visceral fat, can be monitored by connecting the MI scale with the fit app. The fit app is compatible with Android (above 4.4), iOS (above 8.0), and Bluetooth (4.0) devices.

People with a pacemaker are advised against using the device. Consult your physician before using this smart scale.

Mi Digital Weighing Price and features

The MRP of MI weighing scale is2999 rupees. If you buy the product on Amazon, you will get it for 1999 rupees. You would save 1000 rupees.

MI weighing scale not only measures the weight of your body but also provides many other unique features. It provides body composition statistics, which will give you an insight into your health and body fitness. It gives information on muscle and bone mass. It displays the amount of body fat and visceral fat present. The amount of fluid present in your body will be displayed in terms of percentage.

These are some of the advanced features provided by MI fit weighing scale.

You can also purchase an MI band, along with the MI weighing scale, for 3998 rupees. This band along with MI fit app would help you track various body characteristics like body weight, fluid percentage, and will give you a complete training program if you need one.

Some other features include

  1. A weight of 50 to 150 kg can be measured.
  2. The composition scale can be connected to Android, iOS, or Bluetooth devices.
  3. The scale is combined with MI fit and displays the result in a graph form so that the progress can be easily monitored.
  4. Sleek design
  5. LED display
  6. The polished glass is textured with anti-slip to provide grip.
  7. Lightweight
  8. Compact
  9. The light sensor is present, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display.
  10. Pure white colour.
  11. Strong tempered glass is provided.
  12. You can store up to 16 profiles using the app and monitor your developments.


The weighing scale provides an accurate measure of body weight along with other characteristics of the body. The result is generated through a series of complex algorithms and advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). This complex method, which is used to measure body weight and characteristics, helps in providing accurate results.  

The accuracy is quite high for most of the people. The accuracy might vary slightly for athletes, pregnant women, and especially- abled people.

Buy this MI weighing scale as it provides precise value. The value of body mass, bone mass, fluid percentage, body fat, visceral fat, etc is displayed on your tracking device. The values of these characteristics are quite precise.


For a mere 1999 rupees, the MI composition scale all the latest features. It also provides a fitness app which can be connected to your scale and the progress and other characteristics of the body can be monitored. Buy this product as it is a cheap and great deal. It has great design and is durable. The scale displays the precise weight of your body. It also stores the data on around 16 people, so that they can use it to track their progress and future reference. The world is turning into a smart place. The Internet has also affected the weighing scale. The smart weighing scale is one of the lucrative options which would help you track your weight, fitness, and health. Go for MI weighing scale and stay fit and healthy.

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