Muscle or fat? The Ultimate Truth Behind Your Health Journey

The world of health and fitness is filled with numerous witless misconceptions that have no roots in real science. If your concern is about losing all your stored fat and gaining lean muscle mass, then, you have landed on the right page. Almost half of the population are tirelessly facing issues in losing weight. When you choose your desired mode of fitness regime then, your main concern should be losing fat and gaining a few pounds of lean muscles. Most gyms and fitness studios even help in your journey by planning an effective routine.


So, incorporating both weight training and cardio exercise can be beneficial. Previously, if you have even come across a weight-loss session, then you must be aware of the stubborn weighing scale. So, dive into acquiring some principal reasons for your weight loss.

The Actual Reason Behind the Myth

While starting your fitness journey, you may have overheard the fact that muscle weighs more than fat. First of all, not all bodies are the same. No one can predict your body type and health complications just by observing your weight. Two people of the same weight can never look similar if they are examined visually. One with more fat percentage will give a fatty appearance while the one with more muscle mass will give a muscular appearance.

However, fat is more loosely arranged than muscle, which clearly says that an equal weight of fat will take more volume than an equal amount of muscle. Basically, some extra pounds of fat will give you a fluffy and softer appearance while that very amount of muscle will provide a lean and firm look.

One can easily check on their weight by considering some of the methods like weighing scale or our age-old looking mirror method.

Effect of Having Extra Fat on Your Body

  • The word fat has widely been criticized and considered as an unhealthy term. It is not true at all; having some minimum amount of fat in your system is always beneficial for your survival and bodily functions. They have essential roles in our bodies like the production of hormones, maintaining body temperature, and supporting healthy brain function. When you exceed the recommended range of fat in your body, then it potentially turns into a harmful factor.
  • Some serious issues may arise when you cross the limits. One of the main health problems is heart diseases, and along with it comes conditions like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and bowel problems. Cardiovascular diseases have a clear link with the increased amount of body fat.

Effect of Gaining Lean Muscle on Our Health

  • Muscle plays a huge role by supporting our skeletal system and maintaining a healthy body for long term benefits. Our body automatically builds some muscle for our daily activities. But over time, more muscle mass starts developing after you perform some physical activity like body weight exercise and weight lifting. For beginners, it can help in managing your blood sugar level. A significant amount of muscle can keep your diabetes at bay. So, metabolizing your blood sugar becomes easy after when you gain some extra lean muscle mass.
  • Not just it maintains a healthy body, it provides a younger and muscular appearance at your old ages too. As you age, your body tends to lose muscle and leave you with no power for performing several activities. But, working out daily and focusing on a diet can further help in maintaining your basal metabolic rate.

Measure Your Body Fat and Muscle Percentage

Well, now that the myth has busted, it’s high time to get rid of those extra baggy fats from your body that can contribute to some serious health issues. These extra efforts can save you from heart problems, strokes, diabetes, and all your hard-earned money. It is always advised to visit your doctor to find out your body composition and determine your body’s optimal goal.

Here are some of the effective methods by which one can easily draw an accurate picture of their body fat percentage and muscle in a given frame.

  • Body mass index (BMI) 

Body mass index is considered the most popular way of finding your body is a simple measurement performed with one’s height and weight. A range of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy, while more BMI will lead to health issues. But, it gets tricky sometimes to find the exact percentage of fat in one’s body. This method deals with the height and weight of one individual, where the weight is of both fat and muscle.

Due to this issue, it got criticized in many nations. If you are the person hitting the gym regularly, then getting some extra pounds is common due to your muscle weight.

  • Waist to hip ratio (WHR)

This method of finding the fat percentage is more prominent than the previous ones. It has also been recommended by WHO. This method can be simply performed by grabbing a measuring tape and finding measurements of your waist and hip area. Then, simply divide the waist circumference of your waist with the hip circumference. A healthy range of 0.9 or less and 0.85 is considered healthy for women and men, respectively.

  • Body fat percentage method

To be very specific and technical with your body fat, this method gives the most accurate result. A small body fat scale can make your calculations more easy and precise. You can simply perform this method at the comfort of your home or let your trainer measure with the instrument. From past years, professionals are known to use this technique. A small section of your skin is pinched out, and the measurements are taken from parts like chest, thighs, abdomen, and hand region. Then with some simple calculations, it can be analyzed.

Nowadays, gyms may also contain digital or handheld body fat machines. This machine generates electrical signals and sends them throughout the body. In digital machines, the number can be visually drawn from the wide display. The signals travel slowly in case of more fat. While in the case of less percentage, the signal travels fast.

Losing Fat and Gaining Lean Muscle in a Healthy Way

The most effective way of gaining muscle and losing fat is practicing weight training. Strength or weight training has tremendous results. It works even after you finish your workout, as this breaks your muscle fibers and requires time to recover. On the other hand, just practicing cardio exercise will help to burn calories for that very time. Even if you are left with a limited amount of time to visit the gym, strength training will make you more powerful and help in gaining muscle. One can easily manipulate their time by effectively combining both cardio and strength training.

If you are trying very hard to lose your fat then, the rest period between the sets should be kept very minimal (30 to 40) seconds.

  • Consume a balanced diet

You can maximize the speed of losing fat by easily adjusting your meals and cutting down on calories. It is all about consuming the right calorie. You should incorporate more fiber-rich foods, water filler fruits, and green vegetables. All the fruits that are rich in water content like watermelon, muskmelon, and others will give a full feeling. All the food that is rich in fiber takes longer for digestion, preventing further consumption. Protein-rich foods should be consumed more.

  • Try with your body first

Incorporate body weight exercises like push-ups pull-ups and squats in your daily routine. Always include some calorie consuming activities throughout the day.

  • Setting goals

You should always visit your doctor before starting any special type of diet plan. Setting a realistic goal always helps in having a clear vision of your life and increases will power to focus more on your food intake. Generally, one to two pound is considered healthy.

  • Exercise on a daily basis

Take the stairs and lift some heavyweight. Your workout doesn’t have to be an intense one with a sweat session, a minimal 45mins to 1 hr of workout can bring a visible change in your body. After a heavy workout session, always take enough rest for muscle recovery.

  • Try hiring a trainer

A trainer can effectively improve your workout forms and help in managing your weight. It is advised to invest in a food weighing scale, this will help in having meals in the correct potion.

  • Talk to a doctor

If any changes don’t appear in your weight then, try consulting with a doctor. There might be any other serious health issue that may hamper with your hard work.

Final Takeaway

If you include a proper exercise routine with healthy eating habits, then, don’t worry, you are bound to lose weight. It may take time to visually get results and a noticeable change in the weighing machine. Generally, beginners have a tendency to lose fat and gaining muscle simultaneously. After joining the gym, there may not be a significant change in your weight, but, your muscle to fat ratio may increase. Eventually, giving a muscular appearance and proving expected health benefits.