6 Types of Weighing Machines in India – Buying Guide

Well, the market is flooded with different models of weighing machines. The first thing you need to consider while buying a weighing machine is the purpose you’re buying it for. There are weighing machines for different purposes. If you need a weighing machine to track down your weight loss or gain in your fitness journey, then obviously, you have to look for a weighing machine that would fulfill that purpose.

Nowadays, most homes and shops have weighing machines. So, it was important to come up with this compiled list of different weighing machines. In this article, we have categorized different weighing machines in accordance with their capacity, weight, accuracy, and other significant features. Go for that weighing machine that suits your necessity.

Here is the curated list of the different models of weighing machines in India.

6 Types of Weighing Machines in India

1) Hesley Weighing Machine for Home Scale

Hesley Weighing Machine for home Scale with advanced Step on...

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This weighing machine comes with a large LED display, four high protection sensors, and round corners for safety while measuring. The weighing machine is equipped with low battery indication, 9th generation German Technology sensors, and a sense grade zero technique, which gives accurate weight.

It provides measurement from 11 lbs to 400 lbs ( 5 to 181 kg). Moreover, the machine comes with auto power-off, auto-zero, low battery indication, and overload indication. You would get immediate readings when you step on the platform, and the unit conversion feature is also there (lbs/ kg/ st). Not only this, the machine comes with a neo- thermal LED display, which gives good readings even in dark areas.

Anti-skid peddling is there, which keeps the platform stable while you weigh yourself. The item consists of two 1.5 AAA batteries. This weighing machine is suitable for people who want to keep fit and likes to weigh themselves now and then. Start weighing when 0.00 is displayed on the machine. The item is portable and easy to clean, weighing 1 kg 600. Overall, it’s a good product in this price range, which comes with significant features.


  • Portable and easy to clean.
  • Tempered glass, which
  • Unit conversion feature.
  • Neo thermal LED display.
  • Accurate readings.


  • Delicate product, and the platform is slippery.

2) GVC Analogue Weighing Scale

GVC Large Surface Iron Analogue Weighing Scale (Blue)

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This exclusive weighing machine from GVC is value for money. It comes with a large, comfortable platform and skid-proof design, which keeps the platform stable while you step on it. Moreover, the product comes with a strong, durable, and rust resistant iron body. It gives accurate readings. The display size is also large and clear, and the platform is spacious.

The build-in quality of the product is supreme and comes with six months manufacturer warranty. The minimum weight requirement of the weighing scale is 500 grams. It is an analog weighing scale, so it works on spring tension. The weight of the product is 1 kg 910 grams, so it is portable and easy to clean. Its capacity is 136 kg.


  • Six months manufacturer warranty.
  • Strong and durable body.
  • Light-weighted. So, it’s portable and easy to clean.
  • Large and comfortable platform.
  • Precision and good performance.


  • The Weighing Scale shows fluctuated weight.

3) Healthsense Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing...

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This weighing scale from Healthsense does full-body analysis, starting from bodyweight to body water percentage. This weighing machine is suitable for people who want to be fit and track down their weekly or monthly achievements. You can also track your baby’s weight by weighing yourself under the baby mode, holding the baby.

The same goes for your pet. This item exclusively made in India has 13 body composition parameters. Not only this, you can set it up with Android and iOS devices. Pair it with your favorite fitness app and track down your achievements. It has a sturdy body with a good finishing and a classy look.

The weighing scale comes with a unit conversion feature as well and weighs around 1 kg 200 grams. The minimum and maximum weight requirement of this machine is 5 kg and 180 kg.


  • One-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 13 body composition parameters.
  • Comes with baby mode.
  • Unit conversion feature.
  • Can be paired with Android and iOS devices.


  • The platform is slippery.

4) MCP Digital Weighing Scale

MCP Healthcare Digital Baby Weighing Scale Infant and Adult...

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This weighing scale comes with a baby tray. Removing the baby tray, it becomes a body Weighing Scale. It comes with high precision sensitive sensors,2 AAA batteries, a large LED display, a unit conversion feature, and a multi-functional digital scale with an accuracy of 10g suitable for baby, adult, and pets.

The weight of the item is 1 kg, 960 grams. But, in the end, the MCP Digital Weighing Scale offers great portability along with a very sleek design.


  • Large LED display.
  • Multi-functional digital scale with an accuracy of 10 g.
  • Comes with a baby tray.
  • High precision sensitive sensors.
  • Value for money.
  • Portable and easy to clean.


  • Fluctuated readings after a few months of usage.

5) REXBURG Digital Weighing Scale

REXBURG® Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale with...

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This is a kitchen scale with a Weighing capacity of up to 10 kg. It works both on batteries and electricity. It has a large green backlit LCD display and comes with an adaptor. The minimum weight requirement for this weighing scale is 1 gram.

It gives an accurate reading and comes with 2 AAA batteries. It works on 220 volts if you want to use it on electricity. The weight of the product is 554 grams, so it’s portable and easy to clean.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Works on electricity and batteries.
  • Large green backlit LCD display.
  • Accurate and precise readings.
  • Good product in this price range.


  • The quality of the product is not good. The body is made up of plastic.

6) EAGLE Digital Baby Weighing Scale

EAGLE Digital Baby Weighing Scale with Green Backlight...

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This weighing scale for baby comes with 4×G sensors, backlight display, overload indicator, and auto shut off. It is user-friendly and suitable for hospitals, veterinary clinics, and homes.

The unit conversion feature is also there. The weighing capacity of this item is 20 kg, with an accuracy of 10 grams. Not only this, it has a large LCD display and comes with 2 AAA batteries.


  • Large LCD display.
  • Backlight display.
  • Suitable for hospitals, veterinary, and clinics.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.
  • User-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Value for money.


  • The weighing platform is uncomfortable.

Buying Guide for The Weighing Machines in India

Look for all these things while buying weighing machines for your home or shop 

The Weighing Capacity

This is important. You should know the minimum and maximum requirements of a particular weighing machine. The weight capacity of most weighing machines in the current market is 150 to 180 kg. If you want machines which has more weight capacity, then go for heavy-duty weighing machines.


This is the second important thing to look at when you’re buying a weighing machine. Don’t go for a machine that comes with low-quality plastic platforms; they are likely to break easily. We would advise you to choose weighing machines that come with wooden, metal, or tempered glass platforms.


We would recommend you not to go for brands that come up with low-cost products. Low-cost products mean you’re comprising of the quality and features as well. There are affordable brands in the market that go for them. You can choose products which come with the features you need. Don’t go for products whose features you don’t need at all. That way you can save your money.


Digital machines give accuracy as it works on working batteries. Whereas analog weight machines work on spring tension, which dwindles over time. So, choose the one in accordance with your preference and convenience.

Does the Product Justifies Its Price

This is important to understand. The product you buy does it have all the features according to its price. Just don’t buy anything randomly. Don’t decide anything by simply looking at it. First, ask for professional help when you’re in the showroom. Then ask what its unique and additional features are. Compared it with other products in the market then buy.

Display Size

We would suggest you go for a bigger display size, which can be seen from a distance. You can also purchase weighing machines that come with small display sizes. It’s your call. But a bigger display size is more convenient for shops.


It is seen that most people buy weighing machines without knowing about its significant features. So, it is important that you purchase the product that suits your need. Buying a product that comes with multiple features would cost you more. So, going for the right product which rightfully caters to your need would save your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is better? Analog weighing scale or digital weighing scale?

Analog is traditional weighing scales that solely work on string tension. It was used in the past. Nowadays, the digital weighing scale is popular in the current market. Before buying any of these two, you should know about their advantages and disadvantages as well. The digital weighing machine comes with large display size, backlight, and Neo thermal LED display, which gives readings in dark areas.

Whereas there are no such features in an analog weighing scale, and it’s difficult to read the dial sometimes. The analog Weighing Scale is reliable, gives accurate readings, and is trusted by millions of people. So, we would advise you to go for the one which you would find reliable and suits your need.

2) Which weighing machine is suitable for me?

There are a variety of models in the market. If you’re into fitness, then go for the body Weighing Scale which gives full body analysis. There is a digital weighing scale that comes with a baby tray as well if you want one for your baby.

For, industrial and commercial sectors go for a heavy-duty weighing scale. You have to research in order to get all the relevant information about different models of Weighing Machine. Then only you can find what suits your need.

3) How to clean the baby tray?

Don’t use alcohol or spirit while cleaning the baby tray. It is advisable to clean it with Savlon, Cidex, or Dettol. Then pat it dry with a cotton cloth. You can weigh your baby without any issue. Remember to clean it from time to time.

Final Takeaway

We have provided with all the products that the current market has to offer. They come with good features and are affordable as well. There is a buying guide, and we have answered all your questions. So, we hope that the article was helpful.

We have done our part; now, it’s your time to buy the product that perfectly suits your need. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.