Ways to Measure Weight Without Weighing Machine

Looking for an effective way to manage your weight without much investment? Then this page might come into rescue. The humans of this generation are obsessed with their weights and still innovating several ways of managing it. To be honest, we all know the joy associated with visually witnessing the drop in the weighing machine. Not just it makes you cheerful from inside but also changes your perception towards your life. There might be people falling in the overweight category, but they lack any plan of action until they are diagnosed with severe conditions. Some non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol are linked with the overweight issue. No doubt, the scale can be a piece of powerful equipment in tracking your weight, but your bathroom scale doesn’t show the whole story.

Weighing Yourself

Your body weight fluctuates several times throughout the day. But, it is advised not to panic in this situation as your overall health condition is more crucial than just body weight.

Best Ways to Measure Weight Without Weighing Machine

Dive down to know more about different ways to measure your weight without a scale.

1) Taking Progress photos

Taking your photo all by yourself can be an ideal way of effectively checking your frame size. This must be practiced with proper posture and standing in the same place. Performing this activity within an interval (let’s say twice in a month) can solve your problem. It will help you in comparing your old photo with the new one that might cherish throughout your journey. You will be able to easily detect even the minor flaws within your body. You should also post your before or after photos on social media to inspire people. This will also encourage and enrich your inner zeal to go further in your journey. Fitness should be considered as a lifelong process and should be carried throughout your life. You should focus more on improving your exercise forms and keep on improving.

2) Perform a Daily Activity Test

It is mandatory to adapt to small changes in your life for a better and healthier future. Encourage yourself to focus less on the scale and feel the moment. It has been proved through many types of research that consumption of whole foods and practicing workout regularly reduces the chance of catching any serious disease. Whole foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits, and green vegetables provide more energy throughout the day by preventing crashing down more often.

Check-in with your daily activity level that you regularly perform, like playing, climbing stairs, and jogging. Compare your recent energy level and your overall feeling with that of the previous one or two months. When you feel confident and happy from inside, relax! You are on the right path.

3) Check Your Skin Quality

It’s better to ditch all those fancy as well as luxury creams and go for a healthier option. Performing daily physical activities will leave your skin with a more natural and younger-looking experience. You might have heard the term “you are what you eat” that is exactly right. You must admit that people look their best after a workout. While the journey goes on, you must admit some noticeable changes in your skin texture and skin health. After all, your main concern should be getting more healthy skin. It will provide a green signal about your journey.

4) Trying Out Your Favorite Dress

The best way to check on your weight is by trying out your past time favorite outfit. Maintain a goal of fitting into your dream dress. Work hard with your daily exercise routine and consume whole food. After a few months, you might have to invest in a good pair of belts. These are some amazing signs that you are on the right track and progressing slowly. This will leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in your clothes that were hard to put on. Feeling satisfied with your clothes should be more important rather than a weighing scale.

5) Setting a Benchmark

This test consists of challenging yourself with hard to perform activities such as pushups, pull-ups, crunches, and squats. Your aim should focus on performing those activities with higher repetition. Increasing the volume of your exercise is advised regularly. Let’s say, setting a goal of 100 pushups or squats will set a goal for yourself within a limited time frame. Slowly decrease the time as you are about to process your desired goal. It again proved to be a great way to challenge your ability to achieve goals.

6) Try Tracking Your Sleep Pattern

You are bound to experience a better sleeping habit when you expand the calorie expenditure and fill your hunger with healthier options. Remember the old saying of maintaining a proper sleeping routine, that was to ensure to get a better working body. Sleeping helps in great recovery and leaves you with a fresh mind. Try to invest in a fitness band that has a sleep tracking device. Measure those curves of your sleep pattern. This will let you know about your body’s progress.

7) Measure Other Parts of Your Body

Always consider taking numbers after every few intervals. Taking body fat percentage is a great way of losing your extra calories. Beginners might not suddenly feel the change in their weighing scale as they tend to lose fat and to gain muscles at the same time. So, this proves that the weight scale is not 100 percent right all the time. The body weighing scale doesn’t have the feature of measuring the body fat percentage and muscle weight at the same time. So, you may be getting healthier with gaining muscle mass within, but your weighing scale may discourage you sometimes.

Due to its uncertainty, you may also consider measuring your body parts with messing tape. Take the inches of body parts like your waist, hips, and upper thigh regions. Try to measure them very often and compare those calculations.

8) Trying Sit and Rise Technique

This is another effective easy to track the flexibility and fitness level of your body. Getting down with a seated position and trying to get up from that position with very minimal support of the wall. To start with, cross your leg and lower your body while losing posture and balance. Then try to stand up without any support. You can also score yourself based on your accuracy and flexibility. Each time you touch your body parts with any surface, cut some point from them. Your end goal should be getting better day by day and perform that given task with ease.

9) Try to Get Advice from Friends

It’s your friend who can work as a mirror for you. They will point each negative point and bring out your flaw in a positive way. Try to get in touch with your best friend to accompany you throughout your journey. Set a time in a week or month and allow them to point some changes in you. Realize those comments and take them constructively and positively. This will help you to praise their thoughts about you.

Concluding Words

Try to live a holistic life with all your workouts and diet. Just manipulating your diet will provide a huge change in your overall body. These were some essays yet effective methods to check your daily progress. Adapting these above-mentioned procedures will provide a positive effect on your body and help in tracking weight mindfully. Once you get everything right, you will find all by yourself, no longer the need to actually weigh yourself every once in a while.